At MK Glass Co. we are passionate about making great products. Everything we do from custom manufacturing to logistics is designed to deliver the best quality products, in a safe and speedy manner at a great price. Your business is all about what goes into the packaging, let us take care of the rest!


Our company is built on great products. Our reputation is built on great service.

Slide DOOR TO DOOR LOGISTICS Our work is not done once your products leave our facility. We are ready to make sure your valued goods get where you need them safely and quickly. + Courier, LCL, FCL anywhere
+ Comprehensive insurance for your goods
+ Competitive pricing and flexibility
Slide WHITE GLOVE ASSEMBLY We have a team standing by ready to follow all the steps to get things just the way you need them to be. Whether you are going to Amazon or direct to retailers. + Assembling of case packed products
+ Labeling and inventory management
+ Unbeatable quality control
Slide UNBEATABLE WHOLESALE We keep an extensive inventory of many classic styles of bottles and jars. If you know what you want and are ready to go, let’s make a deal! + FDA certified jars for consumables
+ Cosmetic jars and bottles
+ Beverage bottles for all uses
Slide CUSTOM BOTTLE DESIGN Do you really want your product to go the extra mile and stand out as unique among all others? We are experts at making your ideas a reality. + Submit artwork and designs
+ Develop 3d prototypes
+ Produce full-quality samples
Everything you need to know about producing, sourcing, brand and shipping glass.